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R & D Boykin Spaniels

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Bloodlines from the finest Carolina Boykin


R & D Boykins training approach is a staged training program, that includes Obedience Training, Force Break Training, and Field Work.

Fetch Work

Fetching drills begin on the table, and then progress to ground work.

Work with Birds

Progressing from frozen birds, to fresh killed birds, still reinforcing basic skills.

Training and Boarding


 The obedience program involves the teaching of four (4) basic obedience commands:

  • Heel 
  • Sit 
  • Stay 
  • Come

At the completion of Obedience Training, the dog should be capable of recognizing, and properly responding to, these commands. 


 After obedience work is mastered, Force Break (or Force Fetch) training can start.  Your dog will learn to retrieve and hold bumpers, and birds, and to deliver them to hand. 


 After both Obedience and Force Break Training, Field Training will focus learned skills on retrieve targets (birds and bumpers) on both land and in water.  Training progresses from short marks, to longer and multiple marks, to live bird flushing, according to each dog's learning speed.   

Charges and fees:

 Charges are assessed monthly, and include training, feed, water. daily kennel maintenance, and daily visual health monitoring.   

Please contact R & D for training availability:

 Rick Weber 832-266-0046  

Additional training options:

Th For training located in Central Texas, we recommend Charles Witt, at Circle C Kennels in Hubbard Texas.  His years of experience result in fabulous results! Call (254) 206-6024